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MySMSLive247 is one of the best bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria. Besides providing affordable telemarketing services, we are a multi channel mobile marketing firm with powerful technologies to help you achieve your marketing and organizational goals. For individuals, small businesses and corporate organizations, our services and its unique benefits can be accessed and experienced from anywhere in Nigeria and at anytime.

If you frequently send bulk sms in Nigeria, in recent times, you should have experienced delivery problems caused by the implementation of DND(Do Not Disturb) by the Nigerian Communication Commission(NCC). The Introduction of DND was supposed to give mobile phone users the option to accept or reject unsolicited messages from unknown senders but the execution wasn’t done that way. Majority of phone numbers were automatically activated on DND; thus making those numbers not to receive any message you sent to them. This issue is the current problem every bulksms companies in Nigeria are currently facing.

Mysmslive247 as a leading aggregation of text messaging didn’t let this issue hinder us. We invested hundreds of thousands in a new platform to help solve all sms delivery issues associated with Do Not Disturb. The interesting part is; our new platform is an All-in-One suite. Apart from the instant delivery and availability of delivery reports, you can now do so much more from one dashboard. No other Bulk sms company in Nigeria can boast to have a fraction of the features on our new website.

With the years we’ve put into the bulk sms business in Nigeria, we thought it’s right time we take the game to the next level by investing in the virtual recharge system, which makes it easy to pay bills and all subscriptions online with ease. With the mysmslive247, you no longer need to walk down your street to look for recharge card sellers as you can buy directly from our dashboard and get credited instantly. That’s not all, you even get 4% discount from all your recharges. How sweet is that?

There is so much more you can do. With our new portal you can buy data bundles online, Pay your electricity bills, Pay for your Gotv, DSTV, Startimes, Daarsat subscription and so much more. No more worries on running out of data as you can even schedule your topups. Our system can be scheduled to auto credit you with data or call credit every week or every month. Do you know what you can achieve with this? you can easily gift data or call credit to your family and friends on monthly basis with lifting a finger.

Mobile Marketing has really grown and we are super excited to be at the forefront of it. No other company can boast to offer the cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria like we do. This has been our selling point over the years of our existence. When it comes to premium bulk sms gateway, no other does it better like we do. We ensure every messages are delivered promptly. You can decide to send your message with any of our routes. We have integrated different Bulk SMS API to suit every budget. If you want to send your messages through the standard Bulk SMS Gateway, then you don’t need to select the premium route, Just type in your message and hit the send button. Every message that weren’t delivered due to DND will made available in the report. So you can easily resend them using our premium route.

We believe every customer is entitled to get value for their money…you deserve even more. Adopting Bulk sms as your means of mass communication has to yield you profits. It’s very disappointing to put in your money to plan for an event and trusting Bulk sms Nigeria as your means of building awareness but only to find out that most of the broadcast you did weren’t delivered.

Mysmslive247 has been revived to fix all your mobile advertising issues. There are many bulk sms service providers in Nigeria, However, only the first time experience will reveal to you what makes us different. Whether this is your first time or you just need a marketing service that is better than what you get from your current provider, We have great options to suit your budget and preferences. Our Mobile Marketing Services Include


With SMSLive24 bulk sms platform, you can begin to send targeted messages to your contacts in less than three (3) minutes after sign up. Yes, you don’t necessarily need to visit our office in order to experience the amazing benefits of wider reach at lower cost. That mean you can send from anywhere you are and at anytime of the day. See our bulk sms pricing plan for full details.

With our powerful mobile marketing technologies, the only limit to what you can achieve is your imagination. Example is the short code services that offers many different ways of engaging with your customers, prospects or defined target audience. If you still think short code services are for big banks or simply beyond what you can afford at this time, just talk to us today. short code can be applied in different case study, examples are ; brand based competitions, SMS voting, text to win promotions, information services, SMS newsletters, SMS quiz, prize draws, mobile SMS vouchers etc. See the short code services page for more details.


As a matter of fact Nigeria has over 180 million active phone lines. Depending on your goals, We give you access to reach a big segment of these phone users. And before sending, these phone lines are tested to be active and segmented based on location and other demographic factors. Now imagine your brand name or message in front of 10,000 – 100,000+ recipients! The beautiful thing is that once you buy, it’s yours to keep and use as you like. This will certainly make your lead generation and marketing efforts to be 10X more effective and profitable. And you don’t have to spend huge amount to make use of your piece of this Nigerian gsm database. See the dedicated service page on how to get it.


If you are yet to experience the effectiveness of social media marketing services, then you’ll continue to be excluded from what your competitors enjoy right now. Yes, right now as you are reading this, smart business owners are moving people from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to their website, sales page, contact page and office locations. Mind you that it’s not just about free posting on social media. With some deep targeting strategies, we can help you to reach your ideal customers based on their age, gender, location, industry, job title, interest, marital status etc. For example, assuming you own a female clothing company, you don’t need to waste your time on mismatched targeting of teenage boys and older men. We provide both free organic promotions and paid advertising on social media. Get in touch today to discuss full details and execution strategies.


The advancement of technology now makes it possible to reach larger size of audience with different types of contents and through different mediums. If you are familiar with the term content marketing, you’ll understand the essence of robocalls in Nigeria. Now here is how voice sms in Nigeria work. You record your voice, set it up on a digital platform and click send just like making normal calls. Instead of interacting with the sender, the recorded content will now be playing while the recipient listens. With our voice broadcasting website, you can send voice sms contents to tens of thousands of people at the same time. For example, this could be product advertisements, thank you messages, event invitation or even educational contents. See our voice broadcasting services page for more information on how to get started.

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
Based on the real data available to us, there is a very big chance you found our website by doing a search on bulk sms providers in Nigeria or mobile marketing services firms. And that is just how SEO works in practical terms. It helps to attract ready buyers exactly the time they are searching for your products or services. If you come along to become our customer, it means that search engine optimization just brought us an additional sale. Now compare that with the money people spend on posters and other channels. In simple, terms it’s all about making your product pages and business website eligible for higher ranking in Google. So that when people search for what you are selling, you’ll have opportunity to attract and convert a percentage of them into paying customers. See our SEO services page for more information.

Best Uses of Bulk SMS In Nigeria

Best Uses of Bulk SMS In NigeriaRegardless of what you do for a living, the demographic or association you belong to, there is always a time you would need a tool for mass communication and if you are working on a small budget, Then the use of Bulksms is inevitable. Below here are few of the practical case studies of the beneficial use of bulksms service in Nigeria. Probably, you might have experienced one of these in recent times.
Meeting Reminders:
This is one of the most popular and simplest uses of bulk sms across many association and clubs. Just like you, a whole lot of people are busy. Even when appointments are set, it’s always easy to forget it and get busy with things that are in front of us. This is one of the main causes of low attendance, absence and lateness in many social and organizational settings. Main users in this particular setting include churches, professional associations, event organizers, community associations, corporate companies and NGOs.
Subscription Payment Reminders:
One universal fact about human beings is that most of us often spend money on impulse from time to time. If you are offering subscription based services but you don’t send enough reminders, a percentage of your customer base will always find other things to spend their money on. And that will mean delayed or indefinitely postponed payment. Sign up for one of the cheapest bulk sms services in Nigeria and you’ll be positioned for predictable and consistent revenue. Do not rely on email that gets buried out of sight as soon as you send them.
Growing Offline Sales:
Waiting for customers to come and buy your products is a bad choice for you. If you really want to win in the competition for limited number of prospects in need of your productsright now, then you have to think different. You can be in the best in what you do or have the best products in town, but if no one knows you; the sales growth you want will never come. By including your address within the product and service you advertise using bulk sms messages, you can direct people to come and buy from you instead of your competitors.
Brand Trust Building:
If you have been in the business world for a while, you must have heard the fact that people buy from brands they Trust. Do you know the credence you get when your message gets delivered with your brand name as the sender ID. You are automatically regarded as a big brand. if you don’t know before, now you know…Your prospective clients are waiting to give you their money. Leverage on our platform today to reach a bigger number of strangers in need of your services and convert a percentage of them into paying customers.
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